Aly Davie 

MSc International Marketing and BSc Marketing & Management with Law 

Aly is a recent International Marketing masters graduate from the University of Sussex, where she developed her passion for innovation, sustainability, and business development. Her MSc thesis, entitled: Corporate Social Responsibility? Just do it. focused on Nike’s implementation of cause-related marketing as a corporate social responsibility initiative and its impact on Nike’s marketing strategy and brand positioning. Additionally, her degree encompassed the management of complex negotiations, including dispute resolution, new product development and design, creativity, and innovation.

Throughout both of her degrees, Aly has undertaken a number of internships, working for a variety of companies within the private and public sectors in marketing roles. Her responsibilities have ranged from managing a company’s social media and website to marketing analytics and content creation. Working across both B2B and B2C marketing, Aly developed her copywriting and communication. Additionally, during her International Marketing degree, Aly worked as a remote freelance marketer and consultant for a sustainable boutique scaleup in Greece. This opportunity provided Aly with a chance to demonstrate her negotiation skills and business acumen, in addition to developing and managing a marketing strategy and content plan. In addition to her creative side, Aly can be very analytical, having studied several marketing research modules utilising STATA, IBM SPSS, and Excel to generate and analyse data, skills she has applied to the analysis of website and social media metrics.

Aly is also an ambitious young entrepreneur working on several startup projects, one of which she is taking through StartUp Lab and hoping to secure funding for in the near future to accelerate its launch. Outside of work and study, Aly can be found in the gym or walking her very cute jackapoo Henzel across the Sussex Downs.

Aly is extremely driven to make a difference in her work and to work with organisations that value the importance of sustainable practices. Moreover, she hopes to provide value to and extend her knowledge across a variety of sectors whilst adapting her current skill set in addition to learning new skills. Aly is very excited to be part of the Catalyst team and to work with diverse clientele and help them grow their businesses.

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