Aliya Makhayeva

BSc Marketing and Management with Psychology

Aliya is a placement undergraduate studying Marketing and Management with Psychology at the University of Sussex. She has joined the 7th Catalyst Team to learn new skills and apply her academic knowledge, volunteering and work experience to practice. She wants to help firms develop and grow, and she is always happy to give her perspective on the situation with her international background and creative mindset.   

Having spent her childhood and adolescence in the faraway country of Kazakhstan, Aliya was quite overwhelmed by moving to the UK at first, but soon, she found herself joining different societies, making new friends and filling her diary with new tasks and projects. After all, it is a new challenge to overcome! 

Aliya enjoys her course and especially the HR-related modules such as Leveraging Human Capital, Organisational Behaviour and Leading Groups and Teams. These allow her to gain a greater understanding of people, especially at the workplace. However, she also fell in love with the Consumer Behaviour module, which gave her a deeper comprehension of the consumer minds and link psychology and marketing.  

Aliya is not someone to be idle, aside from studying Aliya was busy crowding her CV. In her first year of the university, she volunteered at the Language Café to teach fellow students Russian. During this time, she became a committee member of the Russian-Speaking Society, helping to organise and promote socials and attract new society members. Later, she did a summer internship in the Hospitality sector at the HR department. But even this could not have stopped her. In her second year, Aliya started working for the Business School as a Student Mentor and Student Ambassador, supporting students with academic advice and helping the Business School run various events. Later, she became a Pilot Connector for the Student Experience Team, organising focus groups, creating content for the social media and helping to build the Connector Programme, which will be launched in the next academic year.  

Indeed, Aliya does not just study and work all the time. In her free time, she plays piano and guitar, sings at the choir, paints and does life drawing, cooks and bakes, reads and writes, practices yoga and badminton. Plus, of course, she enjoys exploring the beauty of the Brighton and Hove’s nature.   

Now, she is passionate about working for the Catalyst Team and hopes to build a strong network, learn new skills and boost her employability!