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Synertial Technologies, an established motion-capture company providing inertial hardware solutions for the automotive, entertainment and VR industries partnered with the Taiwanese smart clothing company, AiQ, in 2019. Together, AiQ-Synertial are hoping to change the mocap industry by combining their respective expertise.

During her time at  AiQ-Synertial, Eleanor worked with the R&D mocap director and Synertial founder to help market their two latest products: a machine washable mo-cap suit whose wireless capabilities were industry-firsts, and a glove whose high accuracy combined and unconstrained finger mobility was hoping to captivate the market. Working on two simultaneous product launches was challenging, so Eleanor worked with the team to come up with a sales and marketing strategy, which she then managed. Alongside this, Eleanor also conducted market research and delivered a report of the state of the sports-technology industry in the USA to the client, which then allowed the company to tailor their website and promotional videos to the new suit’s target market. Following this, Eleanor then set up a social media strategy for AiQ-Synertial’s Instagram and LinkedIn to grow their online presence as exciting disruptors and established pioneers in the motion-capture industry.


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