Ade Banjoko

BSC Computing for Business and Management

Ade is a recent BSc Computing for Business and Management graduate from the University of Sussex. During his time at university, Ade completed a placement year working as a Data Analyst in London. His dissertation explored 'How Technology Can Be Used to Positively Impact the Perception of Control in the Workplace' this allowed him to use his analytical skills to deduce methods of measuring levels of control. Despite Ade's passion for technology, he was keen to explore different opportunities as a graduate. This motivated him to join the Catalyst Scheme, sighting it as an avenue to expand his professional experience outside of technology and learn new skills whilst also lending his technical knowledge and adding a different dimension to the Catalyst Team. 

Born and raised in London, he has been able to experience a wide spectrum of cultures exposing him to people from a variety of backgrounds. Similarly, this is the type of environment that Brighton is renowned for and has enabled Ade to enjoy a seamless transition between the two cities. This is also something that is encouraged at Sussex Innovation, offering the opportunity for members to work with people from contrasting cultural and academic backgrounds. 


During his recent summer internship in E-Commerce and Technical Support, he helped facilitate the digitalisation process at a local start-up company in Brighton. This experience gave him first-hand insight into some of the challenges small business face, but more importantly allowed Ade to tangibly see the effects of his work and influence company growth. This responsibility was appealing to Ade, and he saw the opportunity at the Sussex Innovation Centre as a chance to continue in this path by helping small/medium-sized companies improve and grow their operations. 


When away from work, Ade enjoys listening to and producing music. As a former radio host on the University of Sussex’s radio station, he has been fascinated by the unique music scene that exists in Brighton. He is also keen about sports and fitness and enjoys playing and watching football with friends. 


Ade is delighted to be working with the Catalyst Team and looks forward to working with and learning from his peers during his time at Sussex Innovation!