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When used correctly, HR analytics can deliver unparalleled value to an organisation, increasing the opportunities and mitigating the risk associated with the workforce, creating a transparent view on how HR initiatives impact a business’s bottom line.

3n Strategy specialises in providing best practice advice and training to organisations seeking to embed a culture of improved decision making through the use of HR analytics. 

A constantly increasing number of big data products mean that it is now possible to collect, analyse and communicate insights on all facets of HR and its impact on the business. This rapid drive in available technologies though, is not easily reflected in the processes they support; businesses are now faced with the huge challenge of revolutionising processes and upskilling HR professionals’ ability to interpret and execute decisions off the back off these analytical insights. 

And so, in this world where all areas of HR can be captured, analysed, visualised and communicated – how should your organisation’s HR function incorporate analytics into its decision making both now and in the future?

To answer these questions, 3n Strategy offers three main services to support HR to embed analytics into its decision making:

  • Strategic Data Practice – a framework and methodology devised specific to support HR assess their analytics strategy and maturity in the context of the six foundations of workforce analytics

  • Talent Analytics Consulting – Performing talent analytics and strategic workforce planning consulting services for client organisations

  • Training – Running workshops designed specifically for HR stakeholders, HR analysts and professionals, to improve capabilities around planning, embedding and performing HR analytics

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