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​3D Printing Engineering provide quality 3D printing and computer aided design services. Given 3D printing’s vast innovative potential, 3D Printing Engineering operate within a variety of different industries, including but motorsport, automotive, engineering, and model making.

​The preliminary task of this role entailed research into the 3D printing industry to create a clear understanding of the UK market. 

​This also involved conducting research on other companies digitally and providing recommendations for 3D Printing Engineering to move forward. The role continued by working with Sales & Marketing Innovation Advisor, Simon Chuter, who instigated and advised on an invaluable and coherent marketing strategy for the company to develop and grow. 

​The role has now progressed to finding potential clients in their target market as well as general market research. This entails researching and contacting relevant businesses to conduct qualitative interviews. 


Catalyst have been integral in determining the marketability and marketing strategy of their services and business alongside SInC’s support team. This has included generating leads, handling pre-sale customer enquiries and queries, as well as market research by liaising and extracting insight from industry leaders. 


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